Golf Fitness Should Not be Conditional

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As I am writing this, Tiger is 3 hours away from returning to competition.

The golf world is buzzing for his return. I am excited to see him back out there. I know some people are just writing him off. Either way he is good for golf.

All of the coverage this week is surrounding him. Very few people would be this excited for the event if he wasn’t in it.

I really hope he does well.

I am also going to make a prediction- his fitness is going to be a huge part of the talk this week. It will also go one of two ways. 1. He plays well and is applauded for getting back physically. 2. He doesn’t play well and his fitness/readiness is to blame.

No one’s fitness is or ever will be criticized as much as Tiger’s. He was a big proponent of it which led to his success. He also did some really dumb shit that must have contributed to his problems.

Criticism or acclaim for golf fitness is very situational. Someone plays well and the analysts dig up some info about their coach, trainer, nutritionist, medical pro, etc. They don’t play well and “they shouldn’t have spent so much time in the gym.”

Speaking of the analysts, has anyone seen Jason Dufner and other tour pros ripping Brandl apart on social media? They’re poking so many holes in his arguments and analysis that he cannot really come back with anything. Pretty entertaining.

I know we cannot win with these analysts but I am going to promote the benefits of proper training for golf until there is no one left to listen.

Golf fitness should not be conditional.

The benefits of fitness training for golf are as follows.

  • Strength-> clubhead speed and distance
  • Mobility-> better movement in the swing
  • Durability-> injury prevention

I do not know where everyone gets the notion that people get hurt lifting weights but you are more likely to get hurt playing golf than strength training.

That assumes of course that you are doing a proper program. Everyone knows not to horseplay around a pool but we don’t apply that to the weight room.

Most of the time people have injuries brewing and they surface after lifting so it must be the training. Wrong, its the whole picture.

There are plenty of golfers that have had a lot of injuries without prioritizing fitness. No one gets after Fred Couples, DL3, or Justin Rose (before he started actually winning a lot) for their injury history. Golf is just to blame in those cases.

Fitness is a tool used to help athletes improve their performance. It applies to every sport. Golf does not get an exception. One of our old interns works at a school with bowling as a varsity sport. Varsity sports get weight room time.

Improving strength and mobility specific to your needs is one of the best ways to become more durable. Golfers get hurt because they try to force range of motion they do not have or they are putting too much stress on the body.

Mobility is the best way to improve useful range of motion and strength training wins in terms of producing and handling force.

To play golf at a high level and for a long time you need to take care of your fitness.