Get Stronger Using Different Postures

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Every once in a while the same exercises are not getting the job done in the gym.

Gains become harder to make, progress is harder to reach, and enjoyment/excitement becomes lower.

This can happen when choosing exercises to perform because the same ones tend to come up.

There are some that you love to do and really do not want to remove them from the program. They may have been responsible for the gains you have already made.

Maybe you do not have to change the exercise. It could be as simple as changing the posture.

You can take any of the exercises you normally do and change your positioning to make it more difficult. This is a strategy I like to employ to create variation without really changing the purpose of the exercise.

What are the different postures?

1.      Split stance

2.      Split squat

3.      Half kneeling

4.      Tall kneeling

5.      Single leg

6.      Full squat

This here is half kneeling.

I know that is a lot of options and you do not need to start using them all right away. I would actually recommend only using one new position for one exercise per day, assuming you have been training for a while. Otherwise still hammer home the basics

Changing postures usually makes the exercise more difficult. The postures listed above make you less stable than standing on two feet or seated. This requires more muscle activity to get the same result.

Your core also must work much more to provide that missing stability. This includes not only your abdominal muscles, but also your glutes. They are going to assist the abdominals and low back muscles in all of these positions.

Rows are an exercise that I feel people need to do more of. We always forget about our posterior muscles because you cannot see them in the mirror. You also cannot bench to develop your rhomboids.

I have also found that you need to get much more creative when it comes to rows because the primary job of the rhomboids is to bring the scapulae closer together.

Using these different postures is a good way to add more rows into your program. Instead of always doing seated cable rows, you now have six new variations. If you decide to go single arm, your variations have doubled, just like that.

These postures also work for lat pulls, overhead presses, chest flys, and posterior shoulder work. The possibilities are endless and they are going to challenge your body in a way you have not felt before. 

Certain postures are also going to be very humbling experiences. You will find that you are definitely not as strong in a full squat compared to standing.

Which of these postures can you employ in your program? Choose 4 exercises that you are comfortable with and change the posture of them. You can use different or the same positions for all 4. Get our of your comfort zone and you will get more out of your sessions.

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