Better Nutrition for Golf

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Nutrition is often a hot topic this time of year. We just got finished with the summer and the holidays are coming sooner than we expect. Never mind Tom Brady’s new book has people talking.

There isn’t a lot of talk in the golf world about nutrition, though.

I think the general idea is that golfers are allowed to be fat slobs. Well isn’t that just a load of crap.

No one should be allowed to just let themselves go and “its OK because I am just a golfer.” Everyone can take ownership of their body and make the healthy changes.

A big benefit of weight loss for golfers is increased mobility. You will be restricted if there is too much stuff in the way. That is an easy way to become more mobile by just improving how you eat and drink.

A lot of golfers argue against strength training because of a fear of getting bulky. What no one looks at is who is already bulky. Poor eating choices can make you bulky 100 times easier than lifting weights.

Excess body fat is absolutely going to contribute to mobility restrictions and it will change your swing. It will require a longer swing to get around a larger body. That can be a real issue for golfers that struggle with longer swings. Any one who hits their shorter irons better than longer ones is evidence of that.

The more you weigh, the more stress you put on the joints and risk for other health issues arise.

Handling nutrition is absolutely going to have to take place starting at home. It is really hard to eat junk food when it is not in the house. If you buy it, there is a really high chance of you eating it.

The following guidelines should help make better eating choices and


Every meal you eat should include protein. This includes chicken, beef, pork, turkey, fish, and eggs.

If you eat a pizza, there is no protein source as listed above. Toppings don’t count.

Ensuring this protein intake helps the body function at a high level, keeps you full, and aids weight loss.


Stick to fruits and vegetables. Limit the use of rice, bread, and other grains. You do not need to completely avoid them but that will just depend on your goal.

Try to eat about 2 cups of vegetables at every meal. That is quite a bit. If you do that 3-4 times a day I don’t know if you’re going to be all that hungry for junk.


Shoot for nuts, avocados, coconut, and other non processed foods. You want about the size of your thumb for a serving. Plan 1-2 per meal.

Things to avoid are processed snacks. Most of them are not going to help in your weight loss efforts.


Water is the biggest, most immediate change that someone can make with their nutrition. Drinking a lot of sugary drinks can cause weight to increase at an incredible rate.

The good news is that it comes off pretty quick when cutting that stuff out. Choose water over soda, gatorade, etc. and it will greatly help.

It is also important to stay hydrated on the course. Dehydration can lead to losses in accuracy, distance, and decision making.