How Golfers Can Manage Knee Pain

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A lot of people can play golf which means that a lot can also be dealing with a number of ailments, aches, and pains.

Knee pain is a big one. Many people deal with it. Heck, I am dealing with it right now.

This past weekend I walked 18 holes and bombed around New Orleans for the Patriots game. That much walking left my legs hurting and my knee is still causing some issues.

Managing knee pain is important because we want to stay on the golf course. It is always my first concern anytime anything starts bothering me. If I can play then I am happy. I will figure everything else out.

I do want to be clear that my tips are no way to treat injury or pain. I simply want to help you work around it.

The knee, like most joints, are highly influenced by what is going on around it. Knee pain could be due to issues in the knee, hip, ankle, groin, hamstring, IT band, glutes, etc.

It is not always easy enough to say “my knee hurts, better get just my knee looked at.”

There are things you can do at home and in the gym to alleviate or work around some of the issues you may be dealing with.

Hammer on Hip Dominant Movements

Hip dominant movements are ones that target the hamstrings and glutes. These exercises do not put a lot of stress on the knee joint. This means that we can train without additional pressure.

Hip dominant movements include deadlifts, RDLs, glute bridges, hip thrusts, hamstring curls, bowler squats, etc.

Most golfers are also weak in these areas. Weakness on the posterior side of the body means the front has to pick up the slack and support the joint. Enter the knee joint.

Ankle and Hip Mobility

The knee is supposed to be a stable joint. The ankle and hips are mobile. When this is out of balance somewhere will start aching.

Stiff ankles and hips can lead to instability of the knee joint. This could be the source of the pain. Keeping up with mobility in these two joints specifically can help reduce symptoms.

Glute Activation

The glutes provide support for the knee. Training the glutes for strength fits into the point about hip dominant movements

The glutes are also a funny muscle group. They seem to fall asleep quite often. They need to be woken up.

Glute activation is something that should be done multiple times per week. It is good for warming up for a round and getting the knee the muscular support it needs.

Roll It Out

Rolling out is just like giving yourself a massage. It can increase blood flow and decrease tension in the muscles. It is also probably going to see a huge surge from anyone reading Tom Brady’s new book.

Get on the roller and hit the legs in any direction you can. Get the front, inside, and outside of the thigh. Any area that seems to hurt quite a bit needs some attention. Ease into the pressure and gradually increase it.

This is enough to make some significant differences in knee ailments.