Random Thoughts on Training for the Fall

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The college kids will be making their way back soon. We really only have about 3 weeks left of our summer schedule. At that point its back to the fall.

The fall is such a weird time for training. One on hand it seems longer than it is. Then the holiday season comes.

It is also a very popular time for athletes to be playing. Football, soccer, and the other fall sports are all out. The winter sports also start back up before the high school season.

Everyone seems to be doing something. This makes handling the fall really important.

1. Why Can’t Athletes Lift Year Round?

It is the time of year where fall sports are starting to ramp up and one thing that happens every year is the end of training for a lot of athletes.

In season training is one of the most underrated things that you can do. It is the best way to maintain strength and power throughout the season.

When training stops completely, strength gains can be lost in 25-35 days. This might not even get to halfway through the season for most people.

Now I know it doesn’t just happen one day where all of the sudden all your muscle is just taken away, but the point is that it declines without training.

Some athletes have really good camps and preseasons but they fall off towards the end. I cannot predict that these hot starts are solely due to strength training but it can definitely be one option.

Many athletes take the summer to do a good job of really training. They are faster, stronger, and quicker than ever. If we slowly decline as we are removed from training maybe you’ve lost a step. Or maybe the shots aren’t as hard. This can all be realistic examples.

The best way to maintain strength is to continue lifting weights even through the season. 1-2x/ week is all it takes to maintain strength.

We accept regular exercise as a good thing. It is recommended that people go to the gym 3x/week. But when an athlete is involved that recommendation becomes dangerous? Nope.

Maintaining strength is really helpful for performing at a high level ALL season. If you performed a certain way during the year, wouldn’t you want to keep that going through the post season?

2. Be Prepared for September

For most people, the fall is a complete gongshow. Actually its really from Labor Day to the end of the year.

It is comically easy to push things off during this time. We could wait for Labor Day or to get back into the swing of school or maybe October would be better. Next thing its Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Where did it go?

My point is to start making a plan now before the winter season comes or a waste of 3 months happens. Either way its a really unfortunate way to go about things. Winter sports start in MA on the Monday after Thanksgiving, every year. Every year someone forgets to do anything until its too late.

Having a plan in place makes it so much easier to be ready for the fall.