Lifting Weights Makes Golfers Bulky, Huh?

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Golf fitness is absolutely in the forefront right now.

It was only a matter of time before this happened but we are still divided on where we stand on it.

Last week, I discussed how we are absolutely lost on the topic. It seems like the golfers that win are commended for their plan and those that miss the cut suck because of their plan.

We neglect the fact that sometimes golfers miss the cut because they have a bad couple of days.

Today, I want to tackle the load of crap that lifting weights makes someone bulky.

To put it simply nutrition is directly related to bulk. Lifting will not make you bulky

1. You cannot accidentally become a body builder

Body builder like to minimize their body fat percentage while maximizing their muscle mass.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that most people will not take on. To look like the guy in the picture you need to combine most of the following things:

  • A well planned, programmed lifting program
  • Years of training
  • A nutrition program that probably includes measuring every grain of rice you eat
  • A tan, real or fake
  • Superior lighting
  • A great camera
  • A taper period that got him to this point

If you are not doing the things above, then you do not need to worry about adding so much muscle that you can no longer move.

2. Look at Rory before and after

Rory is by far the most criticized golfer. I think its because people expect him to be Tiger Woods and he is not. No one ever will be again.

Rory goes through highs and lows. Sometimes he looks unbeatable and other times he looks like shit. When things are bad everyone blames his strength training.

Well if strength training makes you so bulky, Rors should look like the guy above right? He actually has gotten less bulky over the years.

He was a lot bigger in the picture above from 2009. He has actually gotten smaller while getting stronger. The leaner he is, the easier time he will have swinging the club.

3. The John Daly defense

Hopefully this makes more sense than the Chewbacca defense.

One of the bulkiest guys to ever play golf is John Daly. The guy is a hero and a mess at the same time. I find him entertaining but I don’t want that lifestyle.

He is huge but still wraps the club around his head and mashes the ball.

How does one of the bulkiest guys ever to get on tour still have that swing? Mobility.

Mobility is what matters. Mobility can be affected by size and strength but that is going to depend on the individual.

Generally, a smaller person will be more mobile than a bigger one. At the same time I have seen plenty of 13 year old boys who are mobile as anything but their friends can barely move.

Mobility is the ability to move and it must be trained for. Sir John Daly is probably just blessed with great mobility because I would guess he doesn’t do much training. I could be wrong on that one but I will stand by my guess.

At the same time, Rory used weight training and has gotten smaller over time. He has become leaner, not bulkier.

The secret here is nutrition. Rory probably has a great nutrition plan. His body fat has come way down and that is related to food quality. Eat less crap, be less fat.

If you combine mobility with good nutrition then your strength training is only going to make you play better golf. You will hit the ball further while having the strength to have a repeatable swing.

Lifting weights does not make you bulky and being big doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot swing. A lack of movement is the key to that.