Avoiding Summer Training Mistakes

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Every summer we see the same thing.

Our athletes that give themselves a long time to get ready for the fall season always enter camp ready to go. No one has failed a conditioning test, with most athletes being in the best shape.

Then there are those that wait too long…

I know there will be people who reach out in August with 3 weeks to get ready for the season. That is just too late.

With school about to get out for summer, now is the best time to start preparing for fall sports. Most athletes will get 2 solid months of training even for the earliest of starts. A lot can happen in 8 weeks.

A lot can also not happen in that same time period. I know the summer is a great time to go on vacation and have fun with friends but serious athletes know they have to put in some work as well.

There is a balance to everything and most athletes can put in 90 minutes of training 3-4 times/ week. Get started now. It would really be a shame to show up for camp out of shape. First impressions are made then and it can be hard to get back on some coach’s good graces.

Do not wait until it is too late to start. Get an early jump on it to make sure you are ready to go.

Obviously, not getting going early enough is a huge problem. Get started on time and training takes care of itself.

There are a lot of other mistakes that athletes make. We like our athletes to have the most productive summer they can.

Mistake 1: Following the General Plan

Teams will give out conditioning and workout packets to their athletes. This is so that they do something and show up ready to go in the fall.

Look, an arbitrary program


These programs usually suck. Very rarely are they coming from a qualified source, and even then the programs are not ideal.

I know this because I have wrote summer programs for athletes that were not training in my facility.

I wrote the program so that it would be easy to follow, accommodate even the least equipped weight rooms, and fit the masses. I basically assumed that someone was going to be lifting in a commercial gym with none of the equipment we had at the school.

When I write a program for an athlete at Evolution it is built to the individual, for our facility, and with our experiences with this athlete. This makes the program much better for the person.

Get a program that is designed for you, your needs, and the facility you are at.

Mistake 2: Improper conditioning

This mistake fits into two scenarios. Improper conditioning can mean too much and/or the wrong strategy.

Many conditioning tests surround 300 yd shuttles, a beep test, or some kind of repeated sprints. A lot of summer conditioning revolves around running miles. Running 5 miles is not going to be the best strategy to get ready for those tests.

It also doesn’t get you ready for running one mile. If you don’t need to run 5 then why do it?

Get into a program with good conditioning to avoid this mistake. Do not try to figure it out on your own. Conditioning is way too complicated a topic. Your job is to show up and pass the conditioning tests. Your coach will probably crush you in the first practice anyway…

Mistake 3: Neglecting Strength

Strength is super important for performance. Everyone’s worry in the summer is the conditioning test.

Strength is going to help you perform at a high level when the season comes. The conditioning test is just one day. You should pass it but you shouldn’t spend all of your time on it.

Strength also makes the conditioning test easier. The stronger you are the more force you can produce. Each stride running will require less proportionate force if you are that much stronger. This means you can go faster or longer.

Spend at least 3 days/week working on your strength.