Golf Lessons, Fitness, or New Equipment

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I was on Twitter this morning and saw a link from Jon Sherman of Practical Golf. His article was about investing in lessons vs. new equipment. Check it out.

I found this article particularly interesting because I always go through the equipment discussions with the kids at the gym and friends.

His point was that new equipment cannot help issues with your swing. If you slice the ball because of how your club face is at impact, it is going to do the same with a new club. He says its much wiser to invest in lessons first and equipment after.

I want to throw fitness into the mix here. Fitness for golfers can help improve strength and mobility which leads to better ability to swing pain free. Simply it helps improve performance while also reducing risk of pain or injury,

I agree with Jon that lessons are more important than equipment. I got new clubs last year and got coaching this year. The benefits of coaching are much greater than the new clubs alone.

What most people want to do is buy new stuff to help their game. Trust me, I get really excited to buy new golf stuff just as much as anyone. Despite that I hate wasting money. Investing in coaching has been way more worth the money. New clubs might help you hit the ball further, which also means further OB. 
Where Does Fitness Fit In? 

I just mentioned that I have been through both new equipment and coaching. I saw benefits from both.
But the one thing I had the whole time was fitness. When I was in high school I did not work out much. I remember one of the par 3’s at our home course was about 150-160 yds. I used to hit 5 wood into that green. That would now be an 8 iron for me. 
Improving strength has greatly helped out my distance and stability in the swing. I also have been a pretty mobile person. This allows me to get the most out of my lessons because we do not have to work around any major movement restrictions.
So the real question is lessons or fitness. I would like for it to be both and I truly think that can be done with online options. It might take a little bit of creativity but it is certainly possible. 
Most people try to get regular exercise in anyway and a good program will also benefit your golf game. 
I also understand that sometimes we need to prioritize how we use our resources.

For someone that is new to the game or a really high handicapper, they need lessons. You have to be able to hit the ball somewhat in order to get the benefits of fitness. As the handicap comes down, fitness starts to be really important.

Strength, stability, and mobility training will do a couple of things to help enhance the effect of lessons. You will be able to hit the ball further with the same swing by adding strength. If your ball is under control most of the time then strength is really important.

Mobility will allow you to get into better positions in the swing. This allows your golf coach to give you the best possible guidance. He or she would not have to work around movement restrictions.

More core stability will help your mobility and your strength. This is why it is highly emphasized.

To determine if fitness needs to take precedent a couple of things would need to come into play.

Do you struggle with distance but not accuracy?
Any aches and pains from playing?

Are your lessons more for tune ups and to maintain your level of play?

Fitness can be a real game changer in the above scenarios. If you are new to the game or have some real issues with your play then lessons will give you the biggest bang for your buck. 

As I said earlier, it is definitely possible to work on fitness and lessons simultaneously. i would check out Jon’s offerings for the golf game specifically but I have a FREE report for core training for golfers. Check it out below.

Better Core Training for Golf