Releasing the Hips to Improve Rotation for Golf

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We have a fairly short post today but it is heavy on videos. I have wanted to make a video on releasing the hips for some time because it is really hard to explain through text. 

I think releasing the hips is something that a lot of golfers need to do but not enough do it. That could be because it is really uncomfortable if you have tight hips and it isn’t a flashy thing. You pretty much just lay on the ground for a few minutes. 

It is too important to let these type of excuses take over and not add it in. It can also be done at home which makes it even easier to do. 

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This weeks was the following:

Good rotation in the golf swing requires hip mobility. Get them moving by rolling/lacrosse ball and then work on mobility. Better rotation will help with lower scores. 

One of our former interns then tweeted at us in response asking which was more important, mobility or release.

I said release was.

I decided to play the game and answer the question. I probably should have said that if I only had one then do neither. They have to work in conjunction with each other.

The point I am trying to make is that tight hips have a parking break on them. In order to remove the brake we have to release the hips. Once the hips are released, mobility can improve.

You cannot drive very fast with the brake on and you cannot get very mobile under the same circumstance.

In that same analogy, just because you released the brake does not mean we are moving. You have to actually drive once its off.

I actually put together a quick video to explain how to release your hips with a lacrosse or tennis ball.

The reinforcement is the most important part of releasing and mobility. What are you doing to make those things stick?

Just releasing the hips will unlock them. This will temporarily help with hip range of motion. You then need to add some mobility drills to use that new range of motion.

Some good hip mobility drills are as follows.


And one of my favorites for golfers and other rotational athletes

One you have improved your mobility you need to again, reinforce it. Whatever the reason for working on this mobility needs to be trained.

Golfers should take some swings after they do their mobility work. The swing should now feel a lot more free and potentially better. A lot of good things can happen when we follow these steps.