Improving Hip Stability and Mobility for Golf

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The hips play a huge role in the golf swing.

I know ground breaking, right?

I have noticed this in my game because I have been doing lessons the last two weeks.

So far, my dynamic stance has been a mess with the longer clubs. I was rolling my back foot into crazy supination on the back swing. My front foot was also spinning out on the downswing. Please pardon the technical golf lingo.

We have since worked on a more stable stance to swing from. I have been hitting the ball great with these small changes. I do believe my tour card is in the mail as we speak with an invitation to Augusta because of these two lessons.

In all seriousness it has been a big help and I feel way more stable and balanced when I swing.

I am definitely feeling the changes in my hips though. Luckily, I have good enough hip and T spine mobility to get where I need to go. I am definitely going to need to give them some attention though.

When it comes to prepping the hips for golf we have 3 needs.

Soft Tissue Quality

If your hips have the parking brakes on you are going to struggle to get mobility out of them. Improving soft tissue quality is the first step in removing the brakes.

Two of my favorite spots to roll out are the TFL and glutes. The TFL can be found by going an inch down and out from the hip bone. Lay on your stomach, favoring the side, and on a lacrosse/tennis ball. You should feel a nice tender spot.

The glutes are another good one. Lay on your back and cross one leg over the other. Turn to that side with a ball under there and find another spot of tension.

Lay on the ball until the tension starts to ease.

Core Activation 

Once you release tension, you can activate your core muscles to allow the hips to move best. Anterior core exercises like planks, deadbugs, and rollouts will help improve hip external rotation. Use side planks and variations to improve hip internal rotation.

At this point, the hips should be able to move freely.


Now you can reinforce the freedom that we created. There are a lot of different hip mobility drills that we can do. I like the rockback series to help get the hips loose.


There are a ton of hip mobility drills we can do. The important part is to make sure that the hips are ready to move before trying to improve mobility. Roll and activate the core beforehand for the best results.


Activating the glutes is the last step to improving hip stability. This will help the muscles warm up and will provide a training effect for a time.

Two band exercises that I like are squatting against the band and lateral band walks. Both exercises will get the glutes really firing.

If you do not have a band, bridge variations will do a great job of activating glutes.

If you are looking for some guidance on improving core stability, I have a free report for you. Click below to get your copy.

Better Core Training for Golfers