Golf Fitness Tips: Festivus Edition

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Happy (early) Festivus!

For those unfamiliar, Festivus is a holiday that was featured on Seinfeld almost 10 years ago. It was created by Frank Costanza who was fed up with the commericalism and consumerism of the holiday season. Check out the episode if you haven’t seen it.

Festivus had a couple of traditions that I am going to relate back to golf training.

The Festivus Pole

Instead of a tree, Frank put up an aluminum pole as decoration. It has a high strength to weight ratio, low maintenance, and no distracting tinsel.

Golf fitness should follow the mold of the pole. Stick with the exercises that are going to be most beneficial. Do not fall into the trap of the “tinsel”. It is easy to get distracted by things that look cool but mastering the basics is always going to be the best strategy.

I recently posted a video on Instagram (@evolutionsp) of one of our golfers performing a good set of pushups. It can be that simple.

The Feats of Strength

Festivus is not over until the head of the household gets pinned. Golf and running are the only two sports that get criticized for strength training. In every other arena, it is something to attain.

Do not be concerned with adding strength. Strength is good. It helps you hit the ball further and shoot lower scores.

Poor nutrition and a lack of mobility work is the real enemy. Handle those two things and there is no need to be afraid of the barbell.

It is lazy to criticize strength training. Putting in the work is hard. Don’t take the easy way out.

Airing of Grievances

Frank goes around the table letting everyone know how they have disappointed him in the past year, well at least until he loses his train of thought.

I have expressed my frustration numerous times with the TV analysts and swing coaches that do not understand fitness. They automatically default to resistance training = loss of mobility. A lack of mobility work causes that. Overeating causes weight gain. No one wants to accept these two things.

Strength training actually improves mobility. And you cannot argue that with me. See below.

via Strength and Conditioning Research 

I try to never pretend to be a swing coach. I simply do not know what I am talking about. I even hate giving advice to my friends because I am afraid of what the consequences may be. I could say something that ruins someone’s game. This works the other way too.

The trainers and coaches that do not let their golfers train have also got me going. Golfers need to strength train. You cannot spend all of your time doing a glorified warm up or rehab. If you are hurt, go get treatment. If you are healthy, intelligently train for strength.

Festivus Miracles

Festivus miracles are completely explainable events that happen around the time.

2016 gave us:

Tiger’s return
DJ’s US Open redemption
Henrik vs. Phil at the Open Championship
First US Ryder Cup Victory since ’08- sorry to my friends across the pond

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