Following the Lead of Pro Golfers

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In every sport, athletes wants to replicate what the pros are doing.

Why else would you buy the brand new driver, tour golf balls, and clothes at retail prices?

It is because we see the pros using this stuff on TV. These players all make their money on endorsements and it is everywhere.

I bet these guys would still beat the average golfer playing with gym clothes and rental clubs.

I know that we do not see the guys working out on TV. We can hop on social media and all of the proof is there.

Let’s just take the top golfers in the Fed Ex Cup standings.

Right now the standings are:

  1. Dustin Johnson
  2. Patrick Reed
  3. Adam Scott
  4. Jason Day
  5. Paul Casey

I would also like to add Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson to the mix.

Certainly a transformation

Certainly a transformation


All 8 of those guys have embraced golf fitness. Sometimes it is to come back from injury, others to prevent injury, and all to play better golf.

And no dumbbells have ever hurt any of these guys.

In the case of Rory, Reed, Phil, and even Jason Day look at their body transformations. They all used to look a little bit more chubby/soft/heavier.

This is not the case anymore. These guys in particular all now look like they are in great shape. They all seems to be playing insanely good golf at this point in the year.

Their success is about their ability to play. 

Golf fitness is intended to help your ability to play good golf. It is not about strictly lifting weights to get as big as possible, endless yoga poses, or winning a powerlifting competition.

It is just a means to an end. The goal is to play better golf and the strategy is what’s important.

Going to the wrong trainer who provides a bad program is not a knock on golf fitness as a whole, it is the wrong strategy.

If you wanted to putt better, endlessly hitting balls at the range would be the wrong strategy. You need to get on the putting green.

This is the beauty of the TPI assessment. We get to look at how you move and what you need to improve your game.

I would not train in the same manner as a high school female golfer.

Improving your ability to play will depend on your mobility, strength, and swing. Your mobility and stability will dictate what positions your body gets into.

You really do not have anything to lose on this one. Most golfers would like to play better. Even the best golfers I have met are looking to get better. PGA tour pros do not go out and practice to not get worse.

They want to get better. That is why they train.

Simply put, most golfers do not have the physical capabilities that they need in order to have an efficient swing. You can take all of the lessons that you want. I just hope that that professional knows how to work around your limitations.

Too often someone will ask you to do things that you physically cannot do. How effective is that lesson going to be? You are not going to be able to listen to all of the tips and tricks that are out there for golfers.

You need something else. The proper training can unlock doors in your swing that you didn’t know were locked.

You can follow the lead of the best players in the world that have all prioritized their fitness. Work on your strength and mobility. The benefits will be remarkable.

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