3 Exercises to Build Control for Golf

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Friday was my second time going to the Deutsche Bank championship at TPC Boston. I am always fascinated watching the pros. They just make the game look so easy.

Last year, the one thing I really noticed was how much taller and leaner the golfers are in real life. Everyone looks short and wide on TV. I also thought that their driver looked really short.

This year I noticed the club length thing again, but also how in control they are in their swing. These guys do not swing out of their shoes and have a great tempo.

The best golfers in the world are well in control of the golf club. This is something that I have been trying to keep up with in my own game. Finding a swing that is under control and getting a good tempo is harder than it seems.


Control is something that we can train for in the gym. It does take a different approach. A lot of times we get too concerned with producing force that no one wants to work on absorbing or controlling it.

It is hard to play good golf if you have no control over your swing.

There are a few exercises in particular that would make good additions to your program in order to build stability that transfers to the golf swing.

Wide Stance Anti Rotation Chop

I really like the wide stance AR chop. The goal of this movement is to lock the hips in place by using a wide stance. We then rotate out against the band through the upper back.

The important part of this movement is to control the band back towards the anchor point. A lot of people will just fly back towards the band but that is not displaying good control.

This movement may not mimic a golf swing but the control that is trained in it will help greatly in the swing.

SA Cable Press

The single arm cable press is an upper body press but total body stability movement. The common complaint that we get on this exercise is that the push isn’t the hard part but getting the cable in place is.

That’s the point!

This exercises forces total body stability while one of the arms pushes. Being able to move the upper body freely from a stable base is an important skill to master.

SA KB Squats

I do not break this exercise out all of the time because the limiting factor becomes core stability vs. lower body strength. It is a powerful option because we can train core stability in multiple planes with leg strength and hip mobility.

That is a lot going on there. Improving lower body mobility while stabilizing the core will definitely transfer to golf and provide big benefit.

Bonus Tip: Brace your Swing

This is something that you can take to your practice.

Think about getting tight, like someone was going to punch you in the stomach, but still being able to breathe. This is a brace.

A good bracing pattern will activate the core, stabilize the lumbar spine, and allow the hips to move freely. If you want to improve your hip mobility and rotation in the swing then using the brace will help you get there.

If you would like more suggestions for exercises for golf, check out the link below.

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