5 Lower Body Exercises to Improve Speed for Hockey

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It is almost time to shift our focus into hockey training. This summer was really busy for us at Evolution.

We had a ton of soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Now, fall sports are in and hockey players are starting to really buckle down for their training.

Most athletes are starting to figure out that they cannot just sit at home, do nothing, and expect good things to happen in the preseason. Training is no longer an option.

My latest article for STACK.com looks into lower body strength exercises for hockey players. I still like squats and deadlifts for building general leg strength but it is not enough.

hock stride

Too many hockey players lack speed because they do not get a good push in their stride. This is often due to a weakness with their leg under their center of mass. Squats and deadlifts usually require a wider stance.

Single leg exercises are a good way to build strength with our feet under our body. Having strength in this position will allow the foot to push from closer to the body and provide a longer stride. A longer stride will be more powerful and improve speed for hockey players.

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