How to Properly Celebrate Leif Erikson Day

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Happy Leif Erikson Day everyone!

Today is the day where we get to curse Christopher Columbus for allegedly discovering North America. Leif Erikson was actually the first to make his way over here and does not get the correct recognition.

So that being said, I decided it was a good opportunity to throw my Viking helmet on and write a post. I don’t actually have the Viking helmet, though. That was a casualty of living in a dorm with 5 other guys for 3 years.

Here are the elements of a successful Leif Erikson Day celebration.

1.      Viking helmets- this is a must.

2.      Scandinavian Death Metal- bands from Sweden, Finland, and Norway are needed. In Flames, Soilwork, and Children of Bodom are all good options. I can only assume that the Vikings would listen to the heavy music of their homeland.

3.      Someone has to slay a beast in the woods. This should be done barehanded.

4.      Beards

5.      Blaming Christopher Columbus for all things bad in the world.  He wasn’t he first to America, called the Native Americans by the wrong name, and probably started global warming 600 years ago. Curse his name at least once an hour.

6.      Meade

7.      Rock throwing contest. Or other feats of strength.

8.      Upside down horns= sad Viking

Well there you have it, a checklist of things you cannot forget on Leif Erikson day.

Every October 9th I challenge you to give credit where it belongs. Oh and also, do as the Vikings would do.