Most Golfers should still Bench Press

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Outside of golf fitness circles there seems to be a lot of confusion about training. Should we strength train or not? Should I work on strength over mobility or vice versa? Isn’t using a swing trainer a fitness routine?

So if we can get past the idea that lifting weights does not cause us to grow horns and lose the ability to play golf we can start to make some progress.

Inside of golf fitness circles, the bench press has been somewhat dismissed as a viable option for building upper body strength. This concerns me because we are trying to promote fitness for golfers while also removing popular exercises from the mix.


The arguments against the bench press can all be justified. The reasoning is not the issue, I think instead is the attitude. Ditching the bench press completely is just somewhat shortsighted.

The questions that we need to ask when it comes to utilizing the bench press or not comes down to whether it can be performed pain free. Pain free bench pressing is one of the longest standing methods for building upper body strength.

I recently spoke with Nick Buchan of Stronger Golf and this topic did come up. It turns out that him and I were on the same page about training and the industry as a whole. It was refreshing to hear the approach Nick takes with his golfers may not be identical to mine but the philosophy is similar.

He thought it would be a good idea to draw up a longer length article about this very topic of the bench press for golfers. I do not think it is time to completely get rid of the exercise because it may not be functional or has limitations. Every exercise has limitations. Click the link below to read on.

>>>Why Golfers Still Need the Bench Press <<<

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