5 Exercises Golfers Should Do Everday

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Golf is one of the few games where you can create a competition against yourself each and every time you play.

It is difficult to go out and try to play other sports by yourself. Tennis would be impossible, hockey is tough to get ice, and basketball would just be a shoot around.

But golf can be a competition against previous performance every time you play.

I play a lot of golf on my own. I work a weird schedule so it is easy for me to show up for 9 holes at 2pm. I can get right out there pretty easily.

Since every round could potentially be competitive it is important to play well. Most golfers want to shoot lower scores. How they get there is tough to determine.

Some aspects that affect the golf game are equipment, skill level, and experience. There are also physical qualities of strength and movement.

The physical qualities are your ticket to better scores.


Getting fit for clubs is easy that should be taken care of first. Then the basics of grip, stance, and posture can get addressed. After that we have to see what is happening in the swing.

Poor golf shots are hit due to swing faults. Swing faults can occur due to a lack of knowledge or the lack of physical characteristics to change them. If you know what swing faults you have it becomes easy to avoid them just by awareness.

The real problem happens when there is a physical limitation causing a swing fault. So if you are hitting bad shots because you cannot rotate your upper back into the backswing, you must address it. No amount of swing lessons can help you gain that rotation.

I know I am not supposed to use the term swing fault because some people can use them to their advantage. Well, its my blog so I can do what I want and the average golfer does not use a swing fault to their advantage.

The whole point of the above examples is that we need to move well to have an efficient golf swing. We need hip, ankle, and upper back mobility. We also must have knee, low back, and shoulder stability. Having these qualities can help improve the golf swing to shoot lower scores.

Here are 5 exercises that you can do at home every day to help move better.

1. Lat Foam Roll

Foam rolling your lats is going to hurt. I have yet to meet someone who is all good hitting that area. Rolling out the lats can help improve core stability and shoulder mobility. Tight lats restrict the ability of the shoulder to reach overhead. They also can lock the rib cage in an extended position which causes S posture in the swing setup, early extension, and probably back pain.

2. Spiderman w/ Reach

This mobility drill hits ankle, hip, and upper back mobility. It also takes a decent level of stability to avoid falling over in the position. The key on the rotation is to think about turning the upper back. A common mistake is trying to rip the shoulder back without actually moving the torso.

3. Single Leg Bridge/Bridge

Bridges are great for glute activation and strength. Strong glutes help hit the ball futher and protect the low back. When bridging, you should only feel it in your glutes. If you are feeling the hamstring/low back then you need to focus on squeezing your butt harder. Single leg bridges would be a progression on the double leg.

4. Pushups

Pushups are important for building upper body and core strength. The best part is that they will not beat up the shoulder since the shoulder blades are allowed to move freely. The focus should be on perfect reps and not trying to do more than you can handle. Trying a Yoga Pushup makes it harder and works on shoulder stability/upper back mobility.

5. Thread the Needle

This side plank variation is difficult but gives a ton of benefits. It helps us improve lateral core stability. More lateral stability will not only provide good transfer in the swing, it will also unlock the hips for better rotation. Adding these is an absolute game changer.

If you are looking for a program that you can do at home then you need to check out Distance Made Simple for Golf. This 12 week strength training program includes upper body, lower body, core, and mobility training. if you are serious about playing better golf then you need to give it a try.

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