Should Golfers Squat and Deadlift?

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There is currently a revolution in the golf performance world that has many layers to it.

Now more than ever, someone can get the right equipment for their individual needs. Club fitting has really made a difference especially recently. Almost everything is adjustable now and we have a million options for type of club, shaft, and grip. Having the right specs on your clubs is a huge bonus.

I am no golf professional but it also seems that there has been a trend towards allowing individuals to swing their swing. That might have been a slogan for Dick’s but there is less emphasis on an ideal swing type and more of figuring out what works for you.

Lastly, we have my domain. Fitness is taking off and golfers that want to play well need to be in shape. Americans are fatter and lazier than ever. This affects everyone, but since we’re talking about golf lets stay there.

Sedentary lifestyles with a lack of fitness means that people are going to become weak and lack mobility. Golfers cannot have those two qualities and expect to play well.

I am not special when it comes to golf, maybe borderline above average. I also weight about 150 pounds. Just yesterday someone in the group ahead of me asked how I hit the ball so far. The only real answer I had is that its probably because I lift weights. It also helps that I can turn my upper body, but the weight part sounds better.

Strength training for golfer is essential but it is still so misunderstood by the general public. I am pretty sure every golfer at the top of the rankings not named Bubba Watson trains and trains hard. They lift weights, improve their mobility, and then go and hit the ball a mile.

Yet, there are people who listen to golf channel analysts comment on strength training. They still are going with the idea that too much strength restricts mobility and negatively affects the golf swing.

The general public is so quick to dismiss strength training and run (see what I did there) to cardio. More people are likely to have issues due to distance running than lifting weights. The recent SI article on Tiger Woods gives us a pretty good idea of why he was a mess. Distance running in combat boots is an efficient way to create a back issue.

Two exercises that often get bastardized because they are power lifts are the squat and the deadlift. Automatically we think of hundreds of pounds when it comes to these lifts. It does not have to be that way.

The negativity towards strength training does not begin and end with those lifts either. Those two are just the ambassadors for all resistance training with free weights.

The difference between lifting weights to enhance your sport and lifting weights because it is your sport is why we have so much information. Powerlifters must lift hundreds of pounds because that is how they compete.

Golfers must lift weights to hit the ball far and shoot lower scores. They do not have to lift as much weight, but they need to lift enough to improve their strength. Exercises like squats and deadlifts are very good at increasing lower body strength. When done in a full range of motion they also help with hip mobility. Both of them can be done with just kettlebells as well.

People lack an understanding in strength training to the point that golfers will not touch weights or they end up doing dumb stuff on a BOSU ball. Too often golf training lacks effectiveness in favor of “safety.” There is nothing safe about trying to lift weights on an unstable surface nor is it safe to swing a golf club 85+ mph without a strong foundation.

We must actually train to improve strength and that will require a little bit of work. Performing the right exercises with appropriate weights and technique will only help you play better golf. And, yes, squats and deadlifts do fit into that plan.

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