The 5 Best Core Exercises for Hockey Players

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The hockey off season is finally here for most high school players.

The playoffs may have ended in mid March, but hockey doesn’t really stop until sometime in April. With the amount of club/select teams there is always some kind of extra tournaments for them to play in.


Now that hockey players are starting to trickle their way back in, it is time to talk about some core training.

Over the course of the season, athletes lose their strength. This is true in any sport because too few athletes still hit the weight room to maintain it.

Based on the nature of the game of hockey, core strength has to be all but gone at this point in the year. Hockey does not promote good core activation.

When an athlete sinks their hips back and keeps their chest up they are usually going to disengage the core in favor of the low back and hip flexors. Repeat this over and over, without any core training, and stability needs to be retrained.

If we also think that performing a bunch of situps and crunches at home are going to get us back on track, then we are misguided. Hockey players do not need to become more efficient at flexing their spine over. These athletes have to be good at resisting extension through their spine.

My 5 favorite exercises for hockey players (in no particular order) are:

  • Thread the Needle
  • Wall Press Leg Lowers
  • Stir the Pot
  • Bodysaws
  • HK Pallof Press

Click the link below to go to the whole article and read why these movements are great for hockey players.

>>The 5 Best Core Exercises for Hockey Players<<

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