Squat Heavy to Sprint Fast

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Athletes or anyone competing in sports and events know that being fast is beneficial. The ability to sprint faster than your opponents is usually a good indicator of success.

The best soccer, basketball, flag football players usually are the fastest ones. The sport does not matter because you cannot stop someone from scoring if you cannot catch them.

Speed kills and being faster is a good goal of a program. 

A lot of parents also feel as though their kid needs to get faster to be successful.

Speed camps/programs are easy to organize, work on good running technique, and build up a base level of conditioning for the athletes.  People will get faster from participation in speed programs.

Perfecting arm action and knee drive is going to pay dividends when sprinting. Many people get faster just by cleaning up their wasted efforts of poor arm swings. Ensuring a good knee drive also makes a huge difference. 

I want to take a look at an alternative way to get faster sprint times. It lies in the squat.

There is a correlation between squat strength and sprint ability. People that are strong in the squat tend to perform well in short sprinting intervals (5-20 meters) and repeated sprint ability.

Sprint performance is influenced by ground reaction forces that can be enhanced from a stronger lower body.

This means that the ability to put force in the ground will result in a better ability to sprint. This is without any additional sprint training.

If an athlete has no strength to drive their legs into the ground, are they going to move very fast? No and no amount of further sprinting is going to improve a body with no foundation.

The efforts of an athlete need to go into speed and strength training. You cannot be successful accelerating down the field if you have weak legs.

Also, running for long distances is not going to help you outrun someone in a 10 yard span but that is beside the point.

For someone that wants to get faster, they do not need complicated and complex programs. They need to hone in on their running technique and start to gain some strength.

Learning how to squat correctly and adding load progressively is important for leg strength and injury prevention, but also now sprinting. Practice good technique so that you do not have any energy leaks while running.

If you have been trying to get fast for sport, your solution may lie in the weight room. Chances are you have enough time to sprint at practice and games, but it is now time to get accustomed to the squat rack.

Start training for a big squat and you will be running past your opponents in no time.

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