3 Strategies for Committing to Training

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How many excuses are there to not train today, tomorrow, etc.? Infinite.

Commitment to a program is necessary for reaching the goals that you want to achieve.

Well it is not that easy to just start and stick with a program. There needs to be incentive for you to continue training in a certain way.

Some people can take a program, trust it, follow it until the end, and get results from completing the cycle.

Other people may need some different considerations. The program needs to meet at least 3 needs of all people regardless of goal or background.

1.     It must be enjoyable

This is more difficult than it seems. In general, exercises are not fun. I will admit it because it is true. I will also admit that the exercises we like the least are the most beneficial for any goal.

A good balance of exercises that you enjoy and exercises that are going to help is necessary for a successful program. Try pairing an exercise you like with an exercise you don’t in order to make the program more enjoyable. The exercises you dread will not seem as bad with this type of plan.

2.     Plan your attractive alternatives

I pulled this term out of a research article and it describes everything else in your life that you could be doing instead of going to the gym. This could be shopping, lunch, watching TV, whatever.

This is where scheduling is going to make a huge impact on your commitment. If a TV show that you love and cannot miss is on at 8pm, are you going to the gym at 7? Probably not. This would be a bad time to plan on going.

The same goes for weekends. If you do nothing on Saturdays, then plan on training. This usually is not the case and things will come up that seem better than going to the gym.

You should plan your training days when you know you do not have any other obligations. Maybe Mondays are a day where you know work is slow and do not have anything else going on. Decide what time you have to go and do not break it. If someone wants to meet with you during that time, sorry, but they will have to see you after you’re done.

3.     Choose a facility with good equipment and programs.

If you get bored with training at your run of the mill chain gyms, seek out a place that offers more. Find a place that has battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, sleds, whatever you think you would like to do.

The bells and whistles may not be necessary for training, but no one ever said it wouldn’t be fun to do a circuit with sandbags. This kind of a variety can keep exercise fresh and exciting, increasing enjoyment (see above).

Gyms that offer a variety of classes can also be helpful. For those that like the group setting do not just go somewhere with step aerobics. Find somewhere that gives you options and utilizes different equipment.

Some places will offer anything from powerlifting classes to yoga. Find a good facility that allows you to stay interested.

Not everyone is great at finding a program and sticking to it. Exercise should be enjoyable or else people are not going to continue going to the gym. Choosing a good program will go a long way in finishing the program until the end.

Scheduling your training sessions properly will also ensure good commitment. Instead, make a time that works for you to train. Do not break that time by any means and choose a different time if you foresee conflicts.

Lastly, find a good facility. If you hate the gym you train at, you are less likely to go. On the other hand, a gym that makes you excited to walk into will make your training more enjoyable.

Commitment will go a long way in the battle of reaching your fitness goals. Use these three strategies to increase your adherence to the effort.

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