Well Done, Chipotle

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I am not sure whether Chipotle actually deserves credit here or not, but they are going to get it.

Recently, I stumbled upon a short video that depicts what is wrong with food in the United States.

The video is about a scarecrow who works for a big food business. He looks past various “all natural” and “fresh” type signs to see what is really going on behind the scenes.

Chickens are injected with hormones/ steroids, cows are over-milked, and farmland is pretty much nonexistent.

He then returns home to his garden and starts preparing some of the food that he grew. The video ends when he sets up a stand where he shares his actually fresh food (I guess this is where Chipotle fits in?).

A couple of things to take away from the video are:

  1. Crows are terrible people
  2. Scarecrows are health conscious
  3. Our food is not really what it appears to be

If you really want to get a better (and graphic) idea of how bad it is, I suggest checking out Food Inc. That documentary uncovers a lot of the horrible practices that pollutes the vast majority of our food.

So, Chipotle gets kudos for putting their name at the very end of the video. It does not mention if they are practicing the message they are spreading, but they are spreading it.

Food quality makes such an impact when it comes to health, weight loss, and fitness. You cannot perform well, sleep well, and live well if all of your food is processed.

Our supposedly fresh meat, in many cases, is actually filled with additives and raised improperly. I am not sure if we are eating science experiments or healthy choices.

Look at chicken breasts. The chest muscles of a chicken would be used for flapping its wings. Chickens do not fly, however. Somehow the breast is the biggest part of the chicken. How is that for all natural?

I will say that I have not been the most adherent to grass fed, free range, cage free, etc. but I am trying to get better with it. Almost a year ago I switched to cage free eggs with Vitamin D and Omega 3’s. I pay the extra 70 cents a pound for a whole free range chicken.

I need to improve with beef and pork, but at least I do not buy ground beef. If I want ground beef, I will buy a lean steak and put it in the food processer to slowly grind it.

Buying one steak at least ensures that I am eating one part of one animal, not mystery parts of who knows how many.

The problem here is usually money. The better, fresher food costs more. It is a problem that people need to weigh, but your health is probably worth the investment.

I also know firsthand that garden fresh fruits and vegetables taste 100 percent better. If you have the space, a garden is absolutely worth it. Caution: you may never want to eat supermarket produce again.

Chipotle put their name on a video that depicts the big food companies in America, and the alternative that people can take. All I have to say is bravo to a popular food chain that can now get this message out to millions of people.

Hopefully they are practicing what is depicted but this is also on individuals. Find a farm or carrier of local produce. Look for food that mentions how they were raised. If it does not say, it is a safe bet that they are hiding something.

Even if you need to gradually start buying better foods it will be beneficial. Pick one food item that you can upgrade today to promote better food practices and health.

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