Building Upper Body Strength for Hockey Players

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When we talk about shoulder health, it is usually the overhead sports where the biggest issues come from.

Sports like volleyball, tennis, baseball, and swimming are all heavily demanding on the shoulder and requires the athlete to actually take care of themselves.

We can see similar problems with hockey players.

Hockey players are not overhead athletes and most of the game is played below shoulder level. This makes them less prone to the overuse type shoulder injuries.

On the other hand, it is a collision sport and makes these athletes more susceptible to traumatic injuries from hitting the boards or ice.


Last year, I was working with two hockey teams and 1 in every 3 kids had a dislocation or a separation in the past.

This is something that needs to be addressed in the weight room because certain exercises are not going to be that great for this population.

Depending on the individual they might not be able to bench, clean, or press overhead.

It forces us as coaches to get creative and allow for safe and effective training in spite of these things. I get into more detail in my most recent article on Elite Hockey Power.

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