Faster and Stronger Hockey Players this Offseason

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Hockey players have a great opportunity over the summer because of when their season starts.

Fall sports start in about mid-August and its go time by the beginning of September.

This means that the summer is the time to really start getting prepared for the season and the winter/spring was the time to build some base levels of training.

A lot of fall athletes skip that part.

Hockey is lucky because the summer is a great time to build strength, mobility, and a base level of conditioning before most athletes even think about hitting the ice.

The ideal way that the offseason would go is something like this. April and May would be a time to reverse and recover the effects of the last season. Not a ton of conditioning here but a lot of strength and mobility work. June, July, and August would then be a good time to ramp up the strength training, continue the mobility, and start to build a conditioning base to later build off of.

This means that when preseason rolls around (most hockey players are back on the ice in September) they will be ready to make progress for when the actual season starts, which is November for high school athletes.

The preseason is time to focus on power development and more sport specific conditioning.

Some athletes will make the mistake of being ready for the preseason, cease training, and be completely detrained by the time the season starts.

To read more about the goals of off season hockey training click the link below.

Hockey players should be peaking when the season is most important.

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