10 Reasons why Golfers must Train

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I played golf for my high school team. Back then if I hit a drive straight it went about 250.

I was 17 years old and was getting outdrove by any and every one. I was still able to perform fairly well in matches because I was not hitting the ball in the woods.

Anytime we went to a course with any kind of length, I knew I was in for a bad day.

I was not strong enough to hit the ball with any kind of distance.

When I went to college I did not play at all (which was dumb). When I picked up clubs again 4 years later I was surprised with how far I could hit it.

After studying exercise science and learning how to lift a weight or two I was able to increase the distance I put on the ball almost 25 yards without even playing.

Everyone is looking for magical results and I have the secret.

Golf is a sport that is accessible to a lot of people.

Almost anyone can be really good at golf as well. I head to the course a lot by myself and sometimes I will get paired with some guy that never seems to hit a bad shot.

An everyday person can have a lot of success with the sport.

It is not that easy for everyone, though. A lot of people love to play golf but struggle to find consistency or distance.

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This is when clubs start to fly, expletives are shouted, and the game becomes insanely frustrating. A lot of people shrug it off saying “well that’s golf.”

There is a better way.

We can train in the gym to improve our performance on the golf course. This is the secret weapon for an improved golf game.

With the type of education that is out there like www.mytpi.com golfers are better than ever. Training for golf is a must. Why?

  1. It improves mobility/flexibility

Good training opens up the hips, upper back, ankles, and shoulders to allow golfers to swing better.

Golfers that are too stiff to swing are going to struggle on the course.

  1. It adds distance to shots

Being strong has its benefits for distance. Strong legs are essential for developing power in the swing.

There is a reason that Rory is absolutely mashing the golf ball and it is no coincidence that he has taken a serious approach to his fitness.

  1. It will improve consistency

Strength and mobility training means that we will have more control over what our body is doing. More control means more consistency.

You may still need some work with a teaching pro but better movement will be more repeatable.

  1. It protects the back

Back pain and injuries are all too common in golf. Having strong core muscles, glutes, and the right mobility can help alleviate the symptoms.

With proper training golfers will play more rounds, for many more years. We cannot ignore these benefits.

  1. More scoring opportunities

It is not all about the long ball but those that hit the ball further will play better. Having shorter shots into the green means more scoring opportunities.

The longer the iron, the more likely that we are going to get into trouble. I would love to just have 8 iron or lower for my second shots.

  1. Everyone will notice

We all have a little bit of an ego that needs to be stroked (golf pun) sometimes. Making a change like this will result in better play.

Your friends and playing partners will definitely notice, wondering what you have done.

  1. It can potentially fix bad shots

This is dependent on why bad shots are happening. If you are casting (and then slicing) due to poor shoulder range of motion, then improving that ROM may cause straighter shots.

The same goes for many different swing characteristics and the associated swing faults.

  1. You won’t get bulky

The idea that lifting a weight will make a golfer bulky comes from people that have never trained. Most people have no clue how hard it is to add so much muscle that they can no longer move.

More golfers are likely to get bulky in their midsection from poor eating habits than lifting weights. Yet, no one says “I shouldn’t drink 13 beers on the course because it might make me bulky.”

  1. It could win you some money

A lot of golfers play for money. This can be in the form of side bets, leagues, or tournaments. I am not here to judge. Playing better golf could be lucrative. Just be careful because you may be buying the drinks after the round more often.

  1. You will enjoy the game more

Golf will be a lot less frustrating if you can hit the ball further or more consistently. There is no better feeling after a bad hole than crushing a ball down the center of the fairway.

This will happen more often with proper training. The game is supposed to be fun and training properly can bring that enjoyment.