Lifting Won’t Make You Bulky, but your Nutrition (or lack thereof) will

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If I could stab and kill an idea it would be the one of getting bulky.

This is a term that is created out of fear or lack of knowledge, I am not sure which one.

On one end, a lot of people do not necessarily know how to lift weights. When we are unsure of something, confidence is obviously lacking. This uncertainty in an idea causes us to make excuses to avoid doing it.

Lifting weights will make someone bulky just happens to be most people’s first go to excuse.

I also want to mention that this is not a fear exclusive to women. I get plenty of men who share this same concern. Not every guy wants to look like this roided out freak:


I work with a lot of hockey players and some of them have a genuine concern that lifting weights will make them unable to skate well. They also will then turn around and wish that they skated better. How is that strategy going?

Here are some facts about lifting weights:

  1. You will build muscle
  2. You will lose fat
  3. You will get stronger

Size cannot be mentioned in this conversation because there are too many variables at play.

One of these variables is hormones. Men have more testosterone than women. Levels of testosterone may also vary guy to guy. This is one reason why some people have an easier time packing on muscle than others.

Without high levels of testosterone, becoming a giant monster will be difficult. For the record, steroids often increase testosterone levels in users.

A second variable is effort. It takes a lot of time and dedication to get huge like the stereotypes that people fear. It is not easy to look like a body builder.

I do not know why everyone thinks they’re so special and if they lift weights then they will also look like the competitors on stage.


If you do not intend to present the physique of an elite body builder then I guarantee that you will not get one.

Most of us have jobs and other things going on in our lives. Body builders’ only purpose is to get as shredded as possible, at any cost.

Lastly, we get to nutrition.

This is the topic that everyone conveniently forgets about. Nutrition is the key to any body transformation goals.

Getting bulky is also directly related to nutrition. If someone has a poor diet, they are going to increase their body fat and get bulky as a result.

This is not the bulk that we are thinking of when we talk about bowling ball muscles, but it is nevertheless true.

Eating a ton of food, or poor food choices, combined with lifting weights will probably make someone get bigger in a bad way.

Clean up the nutritional end of things and amazing changes will happen.

For every untested (see performance enhancing drug using) competitor, there are 5 women that can out deadlift anyone reading this blog while fitting into a size 2.

And guys, do not flatter yourselves, lifting weights a few times a week will not make you Ronnie Coleman.

Do not be afraid of the unknown. For those that are unhappy with their current state, you have to be open to change. If past strategies have yet to work, then we must find a new strategy.

This is where lifting weights comes in.

Most people have done the cardio phases and dabbled with the weights without long term success. Get a good program and start lifting weights today.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.