The 3 C’s of Fat Loss

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Can you go online without seeing something related to weight loss?

I’m not sure it is even possible anymore. It is the most popular reason for seeking out a fitness program.

The problem is now that there are so many supplements, products, or programs designed to burn fat. It is too bad that there is no magical way to lose fat.

The magic, super secret way to lose weight is that you must be committed and consistent with exercise as well as diet. That’s it.

Yes, I am telling you that fat loss can be accomplished with three simple steps. Not to say that the steps are easy for everyone to follow, but they are straightforward ways to reach your goal. If more people would simplify and focus their efforts, maybe I would never have to see another at home aerobics step program.

First and foremost you must commit to the process of your goal. Now I know most are serious about losing fat but that is not what you need to be committed to.

You must be ready to pick a training program and finish it all the way through. Changing what you are doing every week is not the most effective way to meet your goal.

If you do not have a program, find one. There are apps, magazines, and websites all designed to give workouts for free. When you are no longer a beginner and gains are harder to come by, seek out a professional to design a program for you.

Too many people are off to a bad start because they try to write their own program. I would never try to fix my own car or do my own dental work. Leave it up to the correct people for the job.

I’m getting away from the point but if you trust the process and see it all the way through, you are off to a good start.

Part of being committed to your program requires consistency.

Again, changing the program every week because “it doesn’t work” is a fast track to nowhere. Pick how many days a week you want to train and don’t miss them. Make a time to train every day, in order to really get where you want.

Hitting the gym one day this week, twice next week, and four times next month is not a good way to complete your program.

Remembering your goal is also necessary to accomplishing it. If you want to lose fat, don’t randomly decide that it’s time to be a powerlifter. If you want to look strong and lean, don’t train like a cross country runner.

Stay consistent with your program and your approach and you only need one more step to tie it all together.

The third C is clean eating. Diet is the last C because it requires commitment and consistency. You can’t out train a bad diet no matter how hard you might want to.

Do not take the time to start a new program only to ruin it on the weekend by binge eating, drinking, or both. You do not have to be a hermit, but keep everything within reason. Know the consequences for your actions.

I say that Abs are Made in the Kitchen( and again) because getting lean is dependent on diet. Nothing else makes or break a fat loss goal like this.

Commit to eating well. Start buying healthier foods. Get rid of the processed foods in your diet.

Do not bounce around from diet to diet and stick to something simple. Make some positive lifestyle changes if you want to lose fat.

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