Workout Finishers for the Holidays and Beyond

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Happy Holidays everyone.

This is the time of year for lots of eating, drinking, and not working out.

Time becomes limited and the first thing to go is the gym.

At least running around from store to store, fighting off the crowds has to have some kind of metabolic effect right?

This time of year becomes an exciting one for both coaches/trainers and clients alike.

Clients have the change to start fresh and change things up for the New Year, and trainers put their skills on the line to see if they can keep the person past the month of March.

Most people will quit by then but it presents an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s direction.

The majority of people are going to want to lose 15-20 pounds. This magical range is common for fat loss goals.

I am not exactly sure why everyone is exactly 20 pounds overweight, but hey, whatever.

There is really one key to success for these people, outside of nutrition and behavior changes.

It has been called many names like metabolic training, finishers, conditioning, energy system development, cardio, high intensity work, intervals, and more.

I am going to go with metabolic work and specifically finishers today.

The goals of the finishers I will present today are multi faceted. The object of a good finisher is to get the heart rate pumping while using movements to preserve muscle mass.

The difference here is that someone could hop on a treadmill, run for 30 minutes, get the heart rate to 180, and call it a day.

I do not want to waste your time. I want to provide workouts that use resistance training to get the blood pumping in a short amount of time.

These workouts are optimal for fat loss because they burn a lot of calories, while preserving muscle. Long term adaptations to distance cardio include a loss of muscle mass.

This is a problem for two reasons. First, it looks like crap. Secondly, having more muscle means more calories are going to be burned at rest throughout the day.

Finisher 1– Equipment needed

2 minutes of each the following:

  • Jump Rope
  • Slideboard
  • Battle Ropes

Repeat for 2-3 sets. Total workout: 12-18 minutes

battle ropes

This is a killer and 2 minutes has never felt so long. It balances upper body (battle ropes) with a lower body (slideboard) focus and neutral jump rope.

This complex becomes even better for burning calories if someone is not the strongest with the jump rope.

Finisher 2– Some equipment needed

KB Swing x10

Pushups x as many reps needed to continue performing them

Goblet Squat x10

Mountain climbers x10

KB Deadlift x10

Plank x10 breaths

KB overhead press x10

Side Plank x10 breaths each side

Repeat for 10-15 minutes.

A kettlebell is needed for this finisher and it combines KB work with bodyweight movements.

Finisher 3– No equipment needed

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of the following:

Bodyweight Squats

Squat Jumps


Mountain Climbers

Single leg lowers

Reverse Lunges

Split jumps


Repeat twice

This will take about 8 minutes, does not include any equipment, and will be extremely challenging.

Try out these 3 finishers and see how you do with them.

I would predict that they would be extremely difficult at first since it is a new type of training for most people. This is perfect for reversing the damage from the holidays.

Efficiency is the enemy of fat loss and training in unconventional or new ways is perfect to promote inefficiency.

Use these workouts to your advantage during the holiday season and kickstart your efforts going into the New Year.