Groin Strength for Hockey Players

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I have been doing the free blog for about a year and a half now. At first, I was not sure what to expect out of it because I had never done any real writing on the internet before. 

It was very slow going, and still is. I always need to remind myself that I am still young in this game and time is my greatest asset. 

Last week, I was presented with the opportunity to write for another website. The operator of Elite Hockey Power reached out to me about writing a guest post for the site. 

I was very thankful for the opportunity and got to writing the post that I am featuring today. 

Improving Groin Strength for Hockey Players 

Groin injuries are far too common in hockey players. They plague these athletes from the younger levels to the pros. 


With more and more specialization at younger ages, the number is only bound to go up. 

Luckily, the risk of a groin injury can be greatly reduced by strengthening the weak areas of the body. 

When one muscle group becomes really strong and overdeveloped, the opposite group tends to suffer. This imbalance is a breeding ground for a muscle strain in the weak group.

This commonly happens when the glutes are really developed and the groin is not. 

When the muscle cannot handle the demand placed on it the common result is a strain. With proper strength training this risk can be diminished. 

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