Kelly Olynyk is Not as Screwed as it Seems

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This article found here makes Kelly Olynyk’s plantar fasciitis seem like an incurable monster. He will not play over the summer for Canada and will take time to rest it.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the connective tissue of the foot and from what I’ve heard, it hurts like hell. It is an overuse injury over time. Plantar fasciitis affects 2 million Americans per year! That is an alarming rate.

The author of the article says that the most common recovery method is rest. This sounds about right since rest is usually prescribed over trying to actually fix the problem. That is going to be a different rant, however.

Olynyk is a professional basketball player, so it probably makes sense that he got it from playing basketball. When he starts to feel better I would guess that he is going to play some more basketball. I believe the Celtics also have those plans in the near future.

If he does not fix the problem, the injury is just going to come back. Rest does not fix the problem. So what can he (and probably will since there is a whole staff of people with this info on the team) do?

Plantar fasciitis can result from decreased ankle range of motion. Basketball players wear high top shoes with a high heel lift that severely limits ankle dorsiflexion. They are also large humans so those shoes must be heavy.

Restoring range of motion in the ankle will start to alleviate the symptoms as well as aid in the prevention of knee/hip injuries.

Eric Cressey had a blog post last week about soft tissue work and mobility for women that wear high heels with some good videos here. Believe it or not the restrictions in the ankle are similar among basketball players and women who wear heels.

Something you can do at home is stand on a lacrosse ball and roll it around. You do not need any space for this and it only takes a minute. You might not know how tight your feet are until you try this.

More likely than not he will have some serious massage work done on it but I would too if I had his contract.

No fear Celtics fans, this is not the injury where “no prevention or cure truly exist” as the article tells us. It can be prevented and treated to get him back on the floor for season’s start.


Side Note: Was Kelly Olynyk was in Dazed and Confused as kid?

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